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The Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Railway Traffic

November 24, 2022

China's railways mainly use seamless railway tracks, and their coverage rate is as high as 70%. The key process in the production of seamless rail is rail welding, and the cleaning technology of rail is crucial to welding.As the country's key attention industry in the field of digital economy and intelligent manufacturing,From 2020 to 2025, the rail transit sector will account for the largest proportion of new infrastructure investment, which is expected to reach 34,400 trillion yuan, and the rail transit market will usher in long-term sustained growth.Laser processing technology, as one of the core technology, has many applications in the field of rail transportation,Laser cleaning has also become a popular application of rail transit manufacturing in recent years because of its advantages of green and environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, and has been highly concerned by the industry.

he application of laser cleaning includes: car skin removal; wheel to shaft cleaning; rail rust removal;cleaning before flaw detection (signal conduction, flaw detection, paint removal, rust removal);aluminum alloy workpiece before welding cleaning, bogie after welding cleaning; gearbox cleaning and other cleaning schemes, involving parts production, vehicle manufacturing, maintenance and maintenance and replacement and other links.      

Laser cleaning is not just used for the traditional process, but improved on the original basis: wheel-to-axis laser cleaning greatly reduces the cleaning time; layered cleaning before detection meets different maintenance requirements; cleaning of aluminum alloy before welding increases the tension by 6% -9%; and coating saves 30% -50%. Dr Jin Yang thinks: laser cleaning as an emerging industrial cleaning technology, can do traditional dry ice, sandblasting or chemical wet cleaning can not do many indicators: such as micron level of cleaning accuracy, the minimum substrate of damage and modification, Sa3.0 cleaning, visual controllable, no consumables no pollution, etc., is gradually replace the domestic traditional cleaning form, market share will continue to expand.

As an important manufacturing technology method, how to turn scientific research results into industrial application is an issue of national concern。Technology-driven enterprises in speed up the application of new technology and transformation plays an irreplaceable role, DH LASER will take the summit as an opportunity to adhere to scientific and technological innovation as a new engine and source of enterprise development, will continue to provide more accurate and more effective products and rail transit industry solutions, leading industry innovation, power China wisdom, radiation around the world.

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