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what is Handheld laser welding machine of the working principle? | DH LASER

January 15, 2023

   Handheld laser welding machine is an epoch-making star product in the laser application market in recent years. Has quickly become one of the growth points of the green laser industry. Since 2018, the cgrowth rate of handheld laser welding machine has exceeded 100%. It is expected that in 2023, the number of manufacturers of handheld laser welding machines will reach 300, and in 2024, the number of integrated manufacturers of various handheld laser welding machines will reach more than 1,000, showing an explosive growth.

    For the handheld laser welding machine, the welding head that connects the use scenario and output laser energy is extremely important parts. In the welding head, the optical part is a very important part. The basic optical principle of the handheld welding head includes three parts: beam alignment, beam swing and beam focusing, as shown in the figure below.


1、After the laser beam exits from QBH, it turns into parallel light through the collimated lens, then reflected to the focus lens through the vibration lens, and finally focused on the surface of the workpiece. The light emitted by the QBH optical fiber is a point light source with a certain divergence angle. During propagation, it travels forward in a cone; the collimator is to turn the divergent light into parallel light so that it travels along a straight line without deflection; and controls the waist radius of the beam to limit it to the narrow light path of the welding head.

In handheld welding, the purpose of the swing beam is to improve the adaptability of the weld gap. Because the focus is a small point of light, it is difficult to walk along the weld path with it. On the other hand, it is also difficult to cover the weld with a large clearance. It allows the operator to align the laser and cover the weld by arranging the beam into a straight line up to 5.0mm wide. Its realization is to vibrate the lens at high speed under the drive of the motor, thus changing the laser beam path.

The basic principle is shown in the figure below:

2、Basic law of reflection, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. When the meter is at angle 1, light reflects along path 1 and focuses to point 1; when the meter is at angle 2, light reflects along path 2 and focuses to point 2. If the flowmeter deflects back and forth between 1 and 2 angles, the focused light spot will move between 1 and 2 points. When you move fast enough, it can be seen as a straight line. The length of the line is called "swing", and the speed of the deflection is called "swing". Intelligent air-cooled handheld welding machine has an adjustable swing amplitude of 0~5mm and a swing frequency of 0~300Hz.

3、Reflected from the lens is a parallel beam of light, which converges into a small spot of light, and finally incident on the surface of the workpiece. The role of the focus mirror is to bring the parallel beams together to form a small spot, thus creating a super-strong energy density.

4、The role of the protective lens produces a certain amount of smoke during hand-held welding, which may damage the focus lens. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the lens, to play the role of isolation and protection.    

   DH LASER Research and production of handheld laser welding machine small, powerful, cost-effective, suitable for a variety of working environments, and has been used in a number of industries. Welcome our customers and friends to choose DH LASER and communicate with us about various technical issues.

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