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what is Main features of the 100W laser cleaning machine? | DH LASER

February 13, 2023

Laser cleaning machine application more and more widely, better improve the work efficiency, environmental protection, no pollution, safe and reliable, loved by the general customer friends, various models, style of laser cleaning machine each different characteristics, leading to customer friends choose there are a lot of problems, today I will introduce the DH LASER research and development production of the backpack laser cleaning machine, to better serve the customer friends;

1、The appearance size of the backpack laser washer is 400 * 160 * 320mm, the weight is in 10 KG, using the backpack design, can be carried on the shoulder operation, very easy to carry and carry.

2、100W laser cleaning machine is pulse laser mode, can remove rust, paint, oil removal, small heat, do not hurt the underlying material, no deformation, etc., for some metal sheet cleaning is very advantageous, also has a good application, can clean the mold surface of the surface of the oil, will not have damage to the mold; in some sheet metal surface cleaning paint effect is also very good.

3、100W laser cleaning machine has 8 cleaning modes, can adjust the power size, cleaning width, can meet different working methods and working environment.

4、The laser cleaning head and the main engine are equipped with interlock protection function to achieve safe and reliable operation. The equipment is equipped with laser protective glasses, protective gloves, etc., to effectively protect the personal safety of the operator.

  DH LASER Professional research and development and production of various types of laser cleaning machine, to ensure the quality and delivery time, for the majority of customers friends to provide a full set of cleaning solutions, welcome your consultation.

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