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what is how to do antifreeze treatement for laser equipment in winter? | DH LASER

January 15, 2023

Winter cold is coming, many customers in the factory laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser cutting machine may have a temperature below 0℃ for a long time shutdown, in order to avoid causing laser equipment and pipeline damage, should be the laser water cooler, laser and waterway pipeline cooling water release, so as to avoid too low temperature ice. DH LASER The following three schemes are recommended for your reference: Anti-freezing measures for optical fiber laser equipment in winter: (optional one)

(Scheme 1) Add air conditioning or heating facilities to keep the ambient temperature at about 10 Celsius.

(Scheme 2) Run the laser chiller for 24 hours, and the water will not freeze under the flowing state.

(Scheme 3) Add colorless ethylene glycol antifreeze antifreeze to the water tank. Its freezing point changes with the concentration of ethylene glycol in the aqueous solution.

It is recommended to use Clariant AntifrogenN antifreeze, with a ratio of 3:7 (3 is antifreeze and 7 is water). Adding antifreeze can resist-20℃ without freezing.

Please look at the water state first for the cold start. When the laser equipment is not used or power off for a long time, be sure to drain the water in the water tank and the laser.

Drainage method: 1. Turn off the main power supply of the laser equipment, open the sewage discharge valve behind the laser chiller, and empty the water in the water tank. 2. Unscrew the filter element in the laser chiller and drain the water in the filter element.3. Unscrew the drainage screw under the pump and drain the water in the pump.4. Take off the water pipe behind the water tank and make a good mark. Connect 0.2 Mpa (2 Kg) gas to one end of the water pipe (¢ 12) and drain the water from the laser.(Low temperature zone) 5. Connect 0.2 Mpa (2 Kg) gas to one end of the water pipe (¢ 8) and empty the water in the optical fiber head, (high temperature zone)

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