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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

December 05, 2022

Jewelry laser welding machine plays an irreplaceable role in the jewelry products industry, after laser welding, the welding point is smooth and full, small thermal deformation, safe and reliable, high efficiency, fast speed is more and more favored by the majority of jewelry manufacturing enterprises. So the daily maintenance of the laser welding machine plays an important role in the service life and welding performance. The following describes the daily maintenance and maintenance of jewelry laser welding machine:

1. Equipment appearance cleaning

Before working every day, use a clean and dust-free cloth to clean up the dust and debris on the equipment; remove the equipment door panel for one month, and remove the dust inside the equipment (laser power supply, chiller) with high pressure air to ensure good heat dissipation of the internal devices of the equipment.    

2. The cooling system changes water

The water in the water tank needs to be replaced for one month. The equipment should not be replaced regularly. We must use deionized water or distilled water.

3. Microscope and protective lens cleaning

Before working every day, remove the dust on the microscope with a dust-free cloth and anhydrous ethanol, remove the welding lens, and clean the dust and welding splash on the surface of the protective lens with a dust-free cloth and anhydrous ethanol.

4. Replace laser xenon lamp

The effective life of laser xenon lamp is 5 million times, which can be counted according to the number of light output on the operation screen, and reaching the number of use, it should be replaced in time, so as not to cause poor welding and other equipment faults.

Regular fixed-point work of daily maintenance and maintenance, to ensure that the jewelry laser welding machine is in a good working state, can bring greater value to the jewelry enterprises.

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