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Jewelry Laser Welding Machine How To Replace A Xenon Lamp

December 05, 2022

Jewelry laser welding is used in jewelry gold and silver welding more and more, replace the traditional welding is a big trend, jewelry laser welding machine in daily use need to do regular fixed-point maintenance, to ensure good performance applied in gold and silver jewelry welding, combined with DH LASER company production research and development of small jewelry laser welding machine, here introduces how to replace the laser xenon lamp.

1. Remove the jewelry laser welding power plug to ensure that the jewelry laser welding machine is in an inactive power off state.

2. Open the top cover of the jewelry laser welding machine.

3. Pull out the water pipe on the laser cavity, unscrew the clip at both ends of the xenon lamp, remove the screw on the laser cavity, and you can take down the laser cavity as a whole.

4. Remove the xenon lamp at both ends of the laser chamber, remove the sealing ring, and pull out the laser xenon lamp.

5. Replace a new xenon lamp into the laser cavity, install the seal ring, fix the pressure block, to ensure that the laser xenon lamp both leakage parts as long, the laser cavity fixed on the light road installation plate, twist the xenon lamp clip, connect the water pipe, to ensure that each link is stable and reliable.

6. Plug in the power plug, start the jewelry laser welding machine, observe whether the laser cavity there is water leakage phenomenon, whether the laser xenon lamp is pre-burning normally.

7. After everything is normal, lock the jewelry jewelry laser welding machine cover, replace the laser xenon lamp finished.

DH LASER company specializes in the production and development of jewelry laser welding machine, to ensure good quality, quality service, to provide you with a variety of technical solutions, to bring greater value to the majority of jewelry enterprises.

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