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DH LASER is an enterprise that pays close attention to improving manufacturing technologies and R&D strength. We are equipped with advanced machines and have set up several departments to satisfy the different needs of a large number of customers. For example, we have our own service department which can provide customers with highly efficient after-sales service. The service members are always standby to serve customers from different countries and regions, and willing to answer all questions. If you are seeking business opportunities or have an interest in our laser cleaning machine 500w, contact us.
  • 60W  100W  150W  200W  Pulsed  Laser
    60W 100W 150W 200W Pulsed Laser
    Pulse laser can be used for the chain weaving machine to weld the necklace, and also has a good application in the vibration scope laser welding machine, welding 3C electronic products, power battery electrode, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low power consumption, no consumables, maintenance free.
  • 100W Mini Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
    100W Mini Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
    100W jewelry laser welding machine is a valuable tool for jewelry manufacturers and repairers, providing precise, efficient, and high-quality welding capabilities for various types of metals.The machine can achieve precise welding results, enabling the creation of intricate designs and seamless joints.The 100W power output allows for quick and efficient welding, reducing production time and increasing productivity.laser beam does not physically touch the jewelry pieces, minimizing the risk of damage or deformation.Laser welding produces a small heat-affected zone, minimizing the risk of discoloration or distortion of the jewelry.The control system is user-friendly, allowing the operator to easily adjust settings and perform welding tasks with minimal training. 
  • Automatic laser welding machine
    Automatic laser welding machine
    Automatic integrated laser welding machine, precision wire rod bench, error accuracy 10 wire, special welding software, teaching programming, CAD import, hand control, convenient and fast, high-definition CCD, can be expanded to 6 axis, to meet a variety of welding needs. DH LASER Research and development of manufacturing, each type of laser welding machine, to provide customers with a full set of application solutions.
  • 3 in 1 Laser Welding Machine Products | DH LASER
    3 in 1 Laser Welding Machine Products | DH LASER
    DH LASER China Factory offers a 3-in-1 laser welding machine that combines three different laser capabilities in a single machine. This versatile machine allows users to perform laser cutting, laser weldingv, and laser cleaning functions with high precision and efficiency.All three functions can be easily switched and adjusted through the machine's user-friendly software interface. The machine is also equipped with advanced laser technology, ensuring high-speed and accurate processing.High-quality 3-in-1 laser machines that are widely used in industries such as advertising, crafts, manufacturing, and more. They have a professional team that offers technical support, training, and maintenance services to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Repair Gold Silver For 200W Desktop China Factory DH LASER
    Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Repair Gold Silver For 200W Desktop China Factory DH LASER
    200w desktop jewelry laser welding machine is a compact and powerful tool that offers precision, efficiency, and versatility for jewelry welding tasks. It allows for high-quality repairs and manufacturing of delicate jewelry pieces, making it a valuable asset for jewelry professionals.These systems provide precise control over the laser beam, allowing for adjustments in energy output, pulse duration, and frequency. This ensures optimal welding results for different types of jewelry materials.An integrated microscope or camera helps the operator to view and position the jewelry pieces accurately during the welding process. It provides a close-up view, allowing for intricate work on small and delicate jewelry items.Jewelry laser welding machine may offer the option to adjust the spot size of the laser beam. This feature allows for welding both tiny and larger areas of jewelry pieces, providing versatility and flexibility in jewelry repair and manufacturing.
  • Desktop Jewelry Laser Welding Machine 200W For China Factory DH LASER
    Desktop Jewelry Laser Welding Machine 200W For China Factory DH LASER
    200w desktop jewelry laser welding machine is a small and compact laser welding machine specifically designed for jewelry making. It has a power output of 200 watts, which allows for precision welding of small and delicate jewelry pieces.This type of machine typically features a desktop design, meaning it can easily fit on a workbench or table in a jewelry workshop. It is often equipped with a high-power laser beam that can be focused to create precise and controlled welds on various types of jewelry metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and titanium.200w desktop jewelry laser welding machine is designed to provide accuracy and efficiency in jewelry welding tasks, such as resizing rings, repairing broken chains, and reattaching small components. It is commonly used by jewelry designers, manufacturers, and repair professionals who require high-quality and aesthetically pleasing welds.
  • Laser Marking Machine
    Laser Marking Machine
    DH laser Optical fiber laser marking machine produced, using 2mm sheet metal design, precision wire rod elevation column, large space heat dissipation, available RAYCUS / IPG / JPT / MAX laser, suitable for gold and silver jewelry marking and cutting.
  • Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine
    Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine
    Pulse laser cleaning machine, using the one-piece design, equipped with special pull rod and big caster, convenient transport, DH LASER independent research and development production of laser cleaning machine, cleaning head only 500g, light operation, cleaning range up to 200mm, optional 100W / 200W laser, touch screen control, 8 kinds of cleaning mode, and to adapt to a variety of rust, oil, renovation, paint, etc.
  • 200W Integrated Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
    200W Integrated Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
    DH LASER Professional research and development and production of various types of jewelry laser welding machines , Full power of 200W, floor integrated design, independent chiller, good heat dissipation performance, easy operation, equipped with high-definition CCD camera, can weld gold, sterling silver and other jewelry products.
  • 2000W laser cleaning machine
    2000W laser cleaning machine
    New laser cleaning machine by DH LASER exclusive research and development production, with 2000W laser, double pendulum lens control, have six cleaning mode, maximum cleaning width in 600mm, 20 language can choose, laser cleaning head only 700g, 10 meters long distance (can be customized), 10 languages, suitable for ships, cars, structure, such as rust, oil, paint, refurbishment, etc.
  • 100W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine manufacturers - DH LASER
    100W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine manufacturers - DH LASER
    100W jewelry laser welding machine is a device used for precise and efficient welding of jewelry pieces using laser technology. It has a power output of 100W, which means it emits a high-powered laser beam capable of fusing metals together.This type of laser welding machine is commonly used in jewelry manufacturing and repair shops. It can weld various types of metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel. The 100W power output allows for quick and accurate welding, ensuring that the jewelry pieces are securely and seamlessly joined together.The machine typically consists of a laser generator, a laser welding head, and a control system. The laser generator produces the high-powered laser beam, which is directed towards the jewelry pieces to be welded through the laser welding head. The control system allows the operator to adjust various parameters, such as laser power, welding speed, and pulse duration, to achieve the desired welding result.
  • Jewelry Laser Welding Machine 200W For China Factory Products | DH LASER
    Jewelry Laser Welding Machine 200W For China Factory Products | DH LASER
    The 200W power output ensures sufficient energy for welding different types of jewelry materials effectively.CCD camera and display screen provide real-time monitoring and accurate positioning of the welding spot, ensuring precise welding results.The machine is equipped with a high-precision laser beam delivery system, enabling precise and clean welding without damaging the surrounding area.The machine has a compact and ergonomic design, making it suitable for small workshop environments where space is limited. Apart from jewelry welding, the machine can also be used for precision welding of various small metal parts, like dental instruments, electronic components, eyeglasses, etc.The 200W jewelry laser welding machine with CCD from DH LASER factory offers high performance, accuracy, and ease of operation, making it an ideal choice for jewelry manufacturers looking to enhance their welding processes.
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