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About DH LASER Jewelry laser welding machine delivery process user manual | DH LASER

June 10, 2023

DH LASER Engaged in the production of jewelry laser welding machine has been 16 years, from production to application has rich industry experience, the company is committed to jewelry laser welding machine development, update and fine management, 100W 150W 200W desktop jewelry laser welding machine, all-in-one and split 200W jewelry laser welding machine, the following is introduced about jewelry laser welding machine packaging delivery process.

1、Scrub the equipment clean with alcohol, and blow the dust on the equipment to ensure that the appearance of the equipment is free of pollutants and scratches, put the water in the equipment water tank clean, and blow the residual water inside the water tank with an air gun.

2、Move the equipment to the card board, adjust the position, pay attention to the deviation of the left and right front and back. The position adjustment is the key, which directly leads to the deviation of the subsequent nail board, the deviation of the nail board, and lock the caster.

3、Spread a layer of pearl foam on the equipment, pearl foam mainly protect the equipment paint, fix the packing belt, must be tightened, according to the equipment needs to play at least 2, lock the buckle.

4、Clean the accessories, to ensure that there is no problem, play the winding film, winding film from the bottom began to pull, to pull 3-4 layers, each layer needs to be firmly pull firmly, has been the whole equipment pull full.

5、Pieces of nails, double row of nail length in 40mm, pay attention to the edge to be neat, nails must be more, each nail spacing between 100mm, all around sealing, the foam cotton plug, pay attention to protect the whole equipment, to avoid scratches; under the swallowtail nail, nail length in 55mm, this is conducive to the customs inspection when unpacking convenient.

6、Attach the shipping mark and equipment warehousing information sheet, pay attention to the tape to avoid rain or fall off.

7、Send the equipment to the logistics vehicle and to the freight station at the address.

Dear customers, this is the whole DH LASER delivery process description, welcome to put forward valuable comments, thank you.

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