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Is it worth getting a Shenzhen Jewelry Exhibition? | DH LASER

June 09, 2023

Shenzhen jewelry exhibition in 2023, the exhibition time: June 2,2023 ~ June 4, the exhibition location: China-Shenzhen-futian district China three road-Shenzhen convention and exhibition center (futian), the organizers: rich exhibition group, the exhibition (Guangzhou) co., LTD., the cycle: annual, the exhibition area: 5000 square meters, visitors: 6000 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibition brand reached 100.

Based on the needs of the industry, in 2020, Infuman Exhibition Group launched a new project "China Jewelry Season" —— trend release, business matching, dry goods sharing, online fission industry activities, so that industry people to obtain a large number of dry goods and contact strict selection of quality suppliers in a short time! The 2022 China Jewelry season will once again challenge itself, deepen the needs of the industry on the basis of the original activities, and create a more convenient business environment for buyers and suppliers.


Scale expansion: In 2022, Shenzhen will be taken as a pilot to upgrade the 2.0 model, and the scale of the activity will be expanded to five times the original, accommodating more high-quality suppliers, and providing all-round information for brand owners and distributors.

Intelligent selection: break through the original trade matching mode, using the system to assist matching, improve the timeliness, and sellers can get contact opportunities before the activity to conduct real-time communication to improve the success rate of transaction.

Mode diversification: retain the exhibitors display product scene, let the buyers take the initiative to select the right suppliers to meet, add a special brand / channel special show, so that the exhibitors can independently select the right enterprises to meet!

Group diversification: continue to deepen the invitation of jewelry and jewelry enterprises to purchase, and actively explore cross-border enterprises to enrich the customer group of suppliers!

Scope of exhibits: gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver jewelry; pearl, diamond and gem jewelry, treasure jewelry, designer works, precious metals and semi-finished products, and others. Watch brand watches, watches finished products, jewelry watches, other supporting equipment jewelry production equipment and tools, jewelry testing and measurement instruments, packaging, props, decorative materials, special lighting instruments. Other scientific and technological achievements, related publications and services, related associations and trade unions, and others.

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian District) Shenzhen International Convention Venue area: 105,000 square meters Address: China-Shenzhen-Fuhua Third Road, Futian District

DH LASER Foreign trade business personnel, technical engineers and other related personnel also went to attend, the company has jewelry laser welding machine, jewelry laser marking machine, DH- -JZ100W, DH- -JZ200W and other models suitable for jewelry welding and repair marking, cutting, etc.



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