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About DH LASER 3 in1 laser cleaning machine for sale user manual | DH LASER

May 07, 2023

As the market application increasingly mature, customer demand is more and more diversified, DH LASER technical team through unremitting efforts, recently launched functional triad of laser welding cleaning all-in-one machine, welding, cutting and cleaning, in one, a equipment instead of three equipment, at the same time of both efficiency and quality, powerful, switch, favored by users,3 in1 laser cleaning machine for sale.

1、Based on the upgrade of handheld welding machine, add cleaning functin, welding function, cutting function three in one and multi-production, release flexible and high effectiveness.

2、For different application scenarios, 1 minute change mode, and multiple functions of the efficient integrated solution to calmly solve the tedious processing pain points, simple and efficient.

3、Equipped with handheld welding and cleaning welding torch structure is compact, ergonomic design, easy and smooth operation, weld beautiful, pollution-free cleaning, efficient and convenient cutting cleaning head lightweight design, hold easy and convenient no pollution, no consumption, low cost, controllable good farewell technical dependence, meet the demand of fine processing.

4、The simple system operation interface and personalized process library support multiple language switching, meet the needs of global customers with remote transmission control technology, meet the long-distance cleaning applications with the function of preventing errors and errors, and maximize safety protection.

5、Laser power selection can be selected from 1000W- - -3000W, which can be perfectly applied. DH LASER laser cleaning machine It's worth your possession,

wholesale laser cleaning machine.

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