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Is it worth getting a The 133rd China Import and Export Commodities Fair? | DH LASER

April 17, 2023

The 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5, and the offline exhibition will fully resume, attracting attention and expectation from all parties."Continue to add new color to the Canton Fair this 'golden signboard'."The Canton Fair began to hold in 1957, to this year has been the 133rd session, constantly keep pace with The Times, reform and innovation.

1、Open new pavilions, add new themes, and create more new enterprises

Highlights of the Canton Fair, One is to open the new pavilion, Outside the original venue of the Canton Fair, A new pavilion of 100,000 square meters was built; Second, to add new themes, It will include industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, smart life, pregnant, baby and child products, silver economy, testing and protective equipment; Third, new enterprises enthusiastically participated in the exhibition, More than 9,000 new exhibitors; Fourth, there are more first shows of new products, Preliminary statistics include more than 300 new product launch activities held online and offline; Fifth, the regular operation of online platforms, Online exhibition matches the operation mode of well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms, The online platform is optimized for 141 functions.

According to the introduction, the Canton Fair will be held in three offline exhibitions according to the convention, each period for 5 days, each exhibition area of 500,000 square meters, three periods a total of 1.5 million square meters.

The first phase is mainly about industrial themes, including 20 exhibition areas in 8 categories, including electronics and home appliances, machinery, building materials and hardware tools; the second phase focuses on consumer goods and gift decorations, including 18 exhibition areas in 3 categories; the third phase includes textile and clothing, food and medical insurance, including 16 exhibition areas in 5 categories.

In the third phase, the export exhibition is 1.47 million square meters, with 70,000 booths and 34,000 exhibitors, including 5700 brand enterprises with the title of manufacturing champion and national high-tech enterprises; the import exhibition is 30,000 square meters. For the first time in the third phase, the company indicates that the enterprises to participate in the import exhibition are from more than 40 countries and regions, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain and 508 overseas enterprises participated in the exhibition. The number of online exhibition exhibitors reached 35,000.

2、Increase global investment efforts domestic buyers to sign up

“The 133rd Canton Fair has intensified its efforts to attract investment globally and encouraged global buyers to participate in the Canton Fair."Wang Shouwen said that he has issued invitations to buyers from various countries and regions around the world through 224 overseas embassies and consulates, 67 foreign consulates in Guangzhou and more than 180 global partners of the Canton Fair.

The global business community has strong strongly, with more than 220 countries and regions expected to attend the fair online and offline. As of April 3, buyers from 203 countries and regions have been pre-registered to participate in the offline exhibition, and the number of pre-registered participants has been increasing rapidly every day.

From the perspective of countries, including the European and American markets, 41 organizations from Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania will attend the meeting, the principal leaders or executives of Wal-Mart, Auchan and Mexico China Business Chamber of Commerce confirm the meeting. In order to better play the role of the Canton Fair as a platform for connecting domestic and foreign countries and promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade, the Canton Fair will be fully open to domestic buyers. Domestic buyers have signed up, and nearly 100 domestic retail retailers, well-known cross-border e-commerce, foreign-funded enterprises, foreign enterprises and industry leading enterprises have confirmed to attend the meeting.

3、Give full play to the driving effect of regional economy to add impetus to economic recovery

“The success of the 133rd Canton Fair is of great significance to China's economic development and world economic recovery."Wang Shouwen said, for China, the Canton Fair booth is a bridge for enterprises to the world, is a very important trading platform; for the world, the Canton Fair for various countries and regions to build a safe, reliable and efficient supply chain opportunities, and for them to meet the express of China's economic recovery and development.

At present, the overall recovery of the world economy is not strong enough, and international demand is not smooth. According to the recent questionnaire survey of 15,000 exhibitors at the Canton Fair, the decline in orders and insufficient demand are the main difficulties. At the same time, we should also see the competitiveness, resilience and advantages of China's foreign trade. This year, China's economic recovery will generate traction on the demand for imported products and provide the impetus for product exports.

Studies from relevant parties show that the driving effect of the Canton Fair on the regional economy has reached 1:13.6, giving full play to the important role of serving international trade, promoting internal and external connectivity and promoting economic development. At each Canton Fair, the flow of people, logistics, capital flow and information flow are highly concentrated, which has effectively promoted the development of trade, investment, consumption, tourism, catering and other industries.

DH LASER Relevant personnel to participate in the 133rd Canton Fair, which is a grand happy event for the whole laser industry, DH LASER related products, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine and so on can be shown in the Canton Fair, looking forward to everyone's attention.

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