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what is Jewelry laser welding machine for water change? | DH LASER

February 20, 2023

Jewelry laser welding machine is water cooling mode, water as cooling medium, it is very important to laser welding machine, the correct use of water can extend the service life of laser welding machine, reduce the equipment failure rate, and reduce equipment maintenance costs, improve the utilization rate of equipment, DH LASER professional research and development production of jewelry laser welding machine, have many years of industry application experience, the following is the water need to pay attention to:

1、Water quality requirements: it is recommended to use PH = 7 neutral water, meet the requirements of the local water quality detection PH value, conditional with distilled water and pure water, it is not recommended to use tap water or mineral water, good water quality is good, xenon lamp light through water can effectively transfer to the laser crystal, to reduce energy loss, ensure photoelectric conversion efficiency, can continue stable output of laser energy.

2、Replace time: generally 30 days to replace a best, strictly not more than 2 months, laser welding machine not use also want to replace on time, the effect of water in high light will deteriorate, will appear yellow smelly, not timely replacement cleaning will affect the laser energy and equipment life, replacement with clean cloth tank wall thoroughly clean, don't let the dirt residue, further pollution of new water added.

3、Replacement requirements: turn off the main power supply of the equipment, the laser welding machine is in a state of power off, first discharge the water inside the tank through the sewage outlet, clean the interior of the tank, add the water quality that meets the requirements, if there is sprinkling on the equipment, should be cleaned in time, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

4、Note: after the water replacement, you can power the pump rotation, will discharge the air in the clean water, there will be some abnormal sound, a few minutes to return to normal, this period of time do not welding work, the water pressure is not very stable, after the water pressure to be stable can be welded

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