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how to install Desktop jewelry jewelry laser welding machine 100W and 200W difference? | DH LASER

February 20, 2023

Laser welding machine can be used for gold and silver jewelry products welding, repair, etc., with the development of industry technology, process requirements, more and more jewelry products manufacturers choose laser welding machine, improve production efficiency, optimize the process level, laser welding machine plays an irreplaceable role, DH LASER professional manufacturing models of jewelry laser welding machine, the following introduces the difference between 100W and 200W:

1、Volume and weight: 100W jewelry laser welding machine is like the size of a microwave oven, the appearance size is 600 * 400 * 500mm weight is 35 KG, it does not take up too much space, a person can easily carry.200W jewelry laser welding machine, appearance size 880 * 500 * 400mm weight 75 KG, need 2 people to carry together.

2、Power: 100W jewelry laser welding machine output laser power 100W, input power 2KW, 200W jewelry laser welding machine output laser power 200W, input power 3KW, 200W photoelectric conversion benefit is higher than 100W, the internal space is large, easy for daily maintenance and repair.

3、Process test: in the welding of pure gold and pure silver process test, 200W power more powerful, can easily welding, parameters with about 40% of the energy, 100W welding parameters need about 80%, consider the subsequent equipment attenuation, if long-term welding pure gold and pure silver with 200W, welding general stainless steel and K gold can use 100W, enough energy, the main volume weight is small, easy to operation and handling.

4、Customer feedback: 60W jewelry laser welding machine, this model relative to the company 100W volume weight difference is not big, is also selling, but the power is only 60W, peak power 40J, when welding gold, silver jewelry products is difficult, basic full work, this work for a long time, can lead to equipment overload damage. It is suggested that customers choose a cost-effective and suitable jewelry welding machine according to the actual situation of the product.

DH LASER Engaged in the research and development and production of jewelry laser welding machine has been 16 years, have a group of highly educated technical backbone team, have many years of industry application experience, the majority of customers friends have any problems, welcome to communicate and consult at any time.

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