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What Advantages Do Jewelry Laser Welding Machines Have In The Jewelry Industry

November 22, 2022

According to industry data, the market size of the global jewelry industry increased year by year from 2012 to 2022. In 2022, the market size of China's jewelry industry was 896.5 billion yuan, up 7.7% year on year. In the future, with the improvement of per capita disposable income and economic strength, the demand for high-end jewelry products such as diamonds, platinum, gold, red and sapphire is expected to continue to increase, pushing the total sales scale of the industry to continue to increase. The CAGR from 2012 to 2022 is expected to be about 5.85%.

Jewelry laser welding machine applied in gold, silver jewelry welding has been more than 40 years, in order to promote the rapid development of the jewelry industry, improve the process quality, to meet the customer requirements, jewelry laser welding machine plays an important role, here we specifically understand the jewelry laser welding machine in the jewelry industry has what advantages:

1. High quality and high requirements

Laser welding belongs to precision welding, welder points are uniform and full, no trachoma and stomata, do not need secondary treatment, weld quality is high and beautiful, greatly improve the qualified rate of jewelry, can weld 0.1-3 mm of different diameter materials.

2. High work efficiency

For jewelry companies, its next business volume is large, after the choice of good quality jewelry laser welding machine can be greatly improved High working efficiency, the welding efficiency has been significantly improved, the welding time of a single workpiece is greatly shortened, to accelerate the welding process for customers, accelerate the return on investment, and indirectly improve the profit income of jewelry companies.

3. Low maintenance cost

Jewelry laser welding machine generally adopts an integrated molding structure, the overall volume is compact and compact, the service life of the laser is long, can work for 24 hours, can be free maintenance and maintenance, greatly reduce the maintenance cost, generally only need six months for maintenance.

Jewelry industry has the addition of jewelry laser welding machine, so that the jewelry processing efficiency has been significantly improved. With the development of science and technology, the market demand, jewelry laser welding volume weight is getting smaller and smaller, welding ability, DH LASER research and development and production of DH-J100W jewelry laser welding machine, volume is the size of microwave oven, weight is only 35KG, equipped with hd CCD camera, is your little helper of jewelry welding, quickly order it.

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