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December 29, 2023

1、Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Principle

Jewelry laser welding machine is a high-precision tool that uses laser technology to join metal pieces together in the production or repair of jewelry. It allows for precise and localized heating of the metal, resulting in a strong and durable bond.

The machine typically consists of a laser generator, a control panel, and a workstation to hold the jewelry pieces. It emits a concentrated beam of laser light that is directed onto the metal, melting and fusing the surface to create a seamless joint.

Some key features and benefits of jewelry laser welding machines include:

- High precision: The laser beam can be focused on very small areas, allowing for intricate welding and repairs on delicate jewelry pieces.

- Non-contact welding: The laser beam does not physically touch the metal, reducing the risk of damage or distortion of the jewelry.

- Energy-efficient: Laser welding requires minimal heat input, resulting in less energy consumption compared to traditional welding methods.

- Quick and efficient: Laser welding is a fast process, allowing for increased productivity and shorter turnaround times for jewelry production or repairs.

- Versatile: Jewelry laser welding machines can be used on various metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel, making it suitable for a wide range of jewelry applications.

In conclusion, a jewelry laser welding machine is a valuable tool for jewelers and jewelry manufacturers, providing precise and efficient welding capabilities for the production and repair of high-quality jewelry pieces.

2、Desktop Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Introduction

A desktop jewelry laser welding machine is a compact and efficient tool used for precision welding of jewelry pieces. It utilizes laser technology to generate a high-intensity beam of light which is focused onto the jewelry piece, creating a small and localized heat source that can be precisely controlled.

The machine typically consists of a laser generator, a control panel, and a microscope or cameras for precise alignment and monitoring of the welding process. It is designed to be placed on a desktop or workbench, making it a convenient option for jewelry repair and manufacturing.

The jewelry laser welding machine offers several advantages over traditional welding methods. It provides a non-contact welding process, which reduces the risk of damage to delicate jewelry pieces. It also allows for precise control over the welding parameters, resulting in clean and high-quality welds.

Additionally, the laser welding machine offers a fast welding speed and requires minimal post-welding work, such as polishing or re-finishing. It can be used to weld various types of jewelry materials, including gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel.

Overall, a desktop jewelry laser welding machine is a valuable tool for jewelry professionals, enabling them to efficiently and effectively repair and manufacture jewelry pieces with precision and accuracy.

3、200W jewelry laser welding machine

200W jewelry laser welding machine is a type of equipment used specifically for welding jewelry pieces. It utilizes a laser with a power output of 200 watts to create a high-intensity and focused beam of light. This beam of light is used to heat and melt the metal surfaces of the jewelry pieces, allowing them to be joined together.

With a power output of 200 watts, this type of laser welding machine is suitable for welding small to medium-sized jewelry pieces. It offers precise control and accuracy, allowing jewelers to create strong and seamless bonds between different types of metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel.

The product features flammability resistance. It has passed the fire resistance testing, which can ensure that it does not ignite and pose risk to lives and property.


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Overall, a 200W jewelry laser welding machine provides jewelers with a fast, efficient, and high-quality welding solution for their jewelry-making needs.

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