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Mold Laser Welding Machine For Chine Factory DH LASER

November 26, 2023

1、DH LASER China factory produces mold laser welding machines. 


Mold  welding machine are used for welding molds in various industries, including automotive, electronics, and manufacturing. Our machines are known for their precision and efficiency in welding different types of molds, including plastic, metal, and ceramic molds.

We utilize advanced laser technology to provide high-quality welds with minimal heat-affected zones and superior joint strength. Our mold laser welding machines are designed for ease of use and feature user-friendly controls, ensuring operators can quickly set up and operate the machine.

We also offer customization options to tailor the machine to specific customer requirements. DH LASER China factory is committed to delivering reliable and durable mold welding machine to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

2、Some key features of the DH LASER mould laser welding machine include:


1. High precision welding: The machine utilizes a focused laser beam with high energy density, allowing for precise and accurate welding operations.


2. Mold repair capabilities: It is designed to repair molds by filling in cracks or defects, thus extending the lifespan of the mold and avoiding the need for complete replacement.


3. Minimal heat input: The laser welding process generates minimal heat, resulting in reduced distortion and minimal impact on the base material.


4. Compact design: The machine has a compact size, making it suitable for use in small workspaces or integrated into existing production lines.


5. Easy operation: The machine is designed with user-friendly controls and interfaces, making it easy to set up and operate



Technical parameter

ModelDH-M300W / 400W / 500W

Laser power 


Laser wave length

Laser typeYAG

Current regulatio


Pulse width regulation

Frequency regulation1--100HZ
Manual work table travel tripX125mm Y100mm
Manual workbench formatX350mm Y450mm

Electric cantilever stroke

X100mm Y100mm Z1000mm
Hanging arm beam

Length 1500mm   Height 1600mm

Drive way57

Rotation Angle of cantileve


Control method




Welding headF=110mm
Cooling-down method Water-cooled 2P-integrated type
Weld selection0.1--0.6mm
Light class diameter0.5--3mm

Host power

Input voltage AC 380V  50HZ/60HZ
Size and weight

1080*760*1060mm  150KG

1440*1200*1900mm  350KG


3、mould laser welding machine

mould laser welding machine is a type of welding machine that is specifically designed for welding moulds. It uses laser technology to create a high-energy laser beam, which is directed onto the mould surface to join the metal parts together.

The machine consists of a laser source, a focusing lens, a welding head, and a control system. The laser source creates the laser beam, which is then focused by the lens onto the welding point. The welding head is used to position the laser beam accurately on the mould surface, and the control system is used to adjust the welding parameters such as laser power, welding speed, and welding depth.

Mould laser welding machines are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics, where high precision welding is required. They offer several advantages over traditional welding methods, including reduced heat input, minimal distortion, and high welding speed. They are also capable of welding a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper.

Overall, mould laser welding machines are an advanced and efficient welding solution for joining metal parts in moulds, providing high-quality welds with minimal damage to the surrounding material.

DH LASER mould laser welding machine is a high-precision laser welding system specifically designed for welding and repairing molds. It uses a laser beam to melt and fuse metal parts, allowing for precise and controlled welding operations. This machine is ideal for repairing small defects or cracks in molds, as well as for joining metal parts together with minimal heat input and distortion.

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