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The American customers arrived at DH LASER company to inspect and test the 100w pulse laser cleaning machine

September 01, 2023

The American customers arrived at DH LASER company to inspect and test the 100w pulse laser cleaning machine. They were greeted by the company's sales team who guided them through the process. The customers were given a detailed presentation about the machine's features, capabilities, and benefits. They were also provided with technical specifications and additional information to address any queries they might have.

After the presentation, the customers were taken to the testing area where the 100w pulse laser cleaning machine was set up. They were given a demonstration of its performance and efficiency on various surfaces and materials. The sales team explained how the machine's laser technology effectively removed rust, paint, and other contaminants without causing any damage to the substrates.

The customers were encouraged to actively participate in the testing process by selecting different cleaning parameters and observing the results. This allowed them to have a hands-on experience and gain a better understanding of the machine's capabilities.

Throughout the inspection and test, the sales team provided prompt responses to any questions or concerns raised by the customers. They also highlighted the machine's reliability, ease of operation, and its potential applications in different industries.

At the end of the session, the American customers expressed their satisfaction with the 100w pulse laser cleaning machine. They appreciated the machine's performance and versatility, and were impressed with DH LASER's commitment to customer service and technical support.

The customers indicated their intention to proceed with purchasing the machine and expressed their confidence in DH LASER as a reputable and trustworthy supplier. They also discussed potential business collaborations and partnerships, considering the company's extensive range of laser cleaning machines and solutions.

The visit concluded with the exchange of contact information and a promise to continue the communication process for any further inquiries or custom requirements. The American customers left DH LASER company with a positive impression and confidence in their decision to invest in the 100w pulse laser cleaning machine.

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