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Is it worth getting a 200W pulsed laser cleaner luggage style? | DH LASER

August 01, 2023

200W pulse laser cleaner is widely used in automobile manufacturing, tire mold, semiconductor wafer cleaning, precision parts processing manufacturing, military equipment cleaning, building exterior wall cleaning, cultural relics protection, circuit board cleaning, precision parts processing, liquid crystal display cleaning, gum residue removal play an important role. In order to improve the work efficiency and reduce costs, DH LASER constantly innovation and development, research and development of a 200W pulse laser cleaning machine suitcase style, the following introduces the main characteristics of this laser cleaning machine:

1、Laser power: the new laser cleaning machine laser power is 200W, is a pulsed laser mode, single pulse energy 5 MJ, for sheet metal, paint, oil removal, mold industry is widely used, small heat, no deformation, no damage to the substrate.

2、Cleaning mode: the old laser washer is a single axis motor swing, only 1 linear cleaning mode; the optimized new laser washer working mode has 6, designed for 2 motor swing, can have different cleaning patterns, can adapt to different material cleaning, 6 modes of cleaning effect is different, to meet the application of different industries. The software sets 10 languages and can customize other national languages.

3、Cleaning width: the new laser cleaning machine cleaning area is 100 * 100mm and 170 * 170mm, saving time and saving labor costs.

4、Cleaning focal length: cleaning focal length f=200mm, adapt to a variety of working environment, the basic body standing can be cleaned, will reduce the work intensity of cleaning personnel, safer and more comfortable work.

5、Cleaning head: the cleaning head is only 400g, very light and small, for a long time to work will not be very tired, there is a double self-locking protection function, to prevent accidental light.

6、Appearance weight: the whole machine is only 20 KG, with a strap can be carried on the body, the volume is only the computer host so big, can be convenient to carry. Bring in luggage for easy handling and use in different environments.

DH LASER Will be committed to the research and development and production of laser cleaning machine, combined with the cleaning requirements of different industries, and constantly improve the characteristics of laser cleaning machine, continuous 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W, and pulse 100W 200W 300W 500W, different models of different specifications of laser cleaning machine, to provide customers with more efficient, safer, better quality laser cleaning machine manufacturers.  


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