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200W desktop jewelry laser welding machine external CCD

July 03, 2023

Jewelry laser welding machine can be used for welding and repair of gold and silver jewelry, widely used in the jewelry industry, laser welding after full, flat, generally do not need to polish, or simple grinding can achieve good appearance and strength requirements, in many jewelry laser welding machine, many kinds, production function, performance and different manufacturers, DH LASER focus on jewelry laser welding machine research and development and production, the following is the 200W desktop jewelry laser welding machine external CCD this model features:

1、Appearance features: pure white corrugated paint, simple and generous; folding screen, convenient daily operation, different angles; the main functions are clear, easy to use.

2、Key switch: metal button switch, durable, long service life, effectively prevent key aging, poor contact and other situations. The emergency stop switch is equipped with a protective cover to prevent accidental collision.

3、Operating system: the interface is simple, clear, power, pulse width, frequency, light diameter, functional temperature, water flow, laser state, light frequency display; conventional 4 languages, can also be customized to other languages.

4、dustproof treatment: ergonomic design, full gloves dustproof measures, effectively prevent some debris and flying dust into.

5、CCD system: CCD system uses 8 inch screen, with 1080P resolution, with cross line, convenient to observe the welding point, cross line with 4 direction movement function, can be adjusted up and down left and right, magnified 40X clearer observation.

  DH LASER There are 100W 150W 200W different power jewelry laser welding machine, built-in CCD and external CCD, all-in-one machine and desktop mini, welcome customers to consult and buy.

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