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what is 100W QCW vibration lens laser welding machine? | DH LASER

March 28, 2023

3C electronic products is a pillar industry in China, covers a lot of daily life electronic necessities, fine product parts will involve laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting production process, laser as fine production process, widely used in 3C electronic products processing, today to introduce is a DH LASER independent research and development production of vibration scope laser welding machine, the customer is mainly used for electronic cigarette battery electrode welding, its main characteristics are:

1、All-in-one machine design, unlike the split type that looks more messy, large format operation, large operation space.

2、100W air-cooled laser, power stable and reliable, small, heat is not affected by external temperature change, QCW mode design, the machine without vulnerable consumables, relative to the traditional YAG laser, without replacing xenon lamp, lens consumables, do not need to dimming, it is a lucky thing for many customers, dimming is a technical difficulty. Do not need to change the water, for customers to save the daily maintenance and maintenance time.

3、The power consumption of the whole machine is 3KW, and the actual production and welding application is about 1.5- -2KW, which greatly saves the power consumption, which saves a lot of electricity bills for the production enterprises.

4、The output spot size of QCW mode laser is between 0.1- -2mm, which can meet many fine welding requirements. The minimum spot of traditional YAG laser is 0.4mm, so that many need small spot welding, it cannot meet the requirements.

5、The control software adopts embedded design, does not need the computer host, which saves the laser manufacturer a computer host cost, and more trouble, more reliability, strong anti-interference ability, not like the computer host crash, blue screen, lag, system poisoning collapse and other phenomena. This welding system can control a variety of modes of lasers, compatible with the major brands of lasers, to achieve the four-axis motion control, can effectively achieve a certain automatic welding.

6、The lens adopts full digital modulation, fast response speed, strong anti-interference ability, high accuracy, more stable and efficient in large format welding, greatly improve the welding speed.

  DH LASER Always adhere to independent research and development innovation, focus on solving the industry laser application pain points, improve the production process, for the world manufacturing industry to optimize the laser application scheme, improve product quality and efficiency. DH LASER Has many years of experience in laser welding, laser marking, laser cleaning and other laser applications, is a trustworthy, reliable quality of laser equipment manufacturer, look forward to your cooperation.

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