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how to install Use a laser cleaning machien for precautions? | DH LASER

March 05, 2023

1、 Laser cleaning machine  contains laser, water cooler, laser cleaning system, laser cleaning head, and other control modules, in order to laser cleaning machine more safe, more long-term use, to avoid water, oil, fire, high power electrical environment, ensure the safe distance of 10 meters, as far as possible let the laser cleaning machine used in independent space.

2、In order to reduce the equipment leakage and static electricity caused by safety accidents, the laser cleaning machine must be reliable grounding protection, the grounding protection terminal and screws should be checked firmly secured.

3、To ensure that the laser QBH and cleaning head interface lock firmly, you can repeatedly try to lock is in place, the water pipe joint is fastened, no leakage phenomenon.

4、Check whether the protective lens drawer is locked in place to prevent dust from entering the inside and damaging the lens. When replacing the protective lens, it should be carried out in an environment without dust and wind. The surface of the lens should be cleaned with 99.9% alcohol and dust-free cloth.

5、The inside of the cleaning nose is precision motor and lens, in use must be light, to avoid falling damage, hit by external force and other wrong operations.

6、The surface of the touch screen of the cleaning machine operating system is glass products. When using, be careful of external force and do not touch the screen with sharp items.

7、When using the laser cleaning machine, it is recommended to use dry compressed air with a pressure of about 5 MPA, so as to effectively blow away the air dust and dust when cleaning.

8、Laser cleaning machine is not professional guidance training, it is not recommended to open, so as not to cause safety and damage. In special cases, the manufacturer should be contacted to operate under the guidance of the technical personnel.

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