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About DH LASER DH LASER jewelry laser welding machine manufacturer user manual | DH LASER

May 08, 2024

1、DH LASER jewelry laser welding machine China factory


DH LASER is a leading manufacturer of laser welding machines specially designed for jewelry applications. Our advanced laser technology can accurately weld fine metals such as gold, silver and platinum. We provide a series of easy-to-use and reliable laser welding machines to provide high-quality welding for jewelry repair, manufacture and customization. Please contact us immediately to learn more about laser welding machine for jewelry.


2、200w jewelry laser welding machine external CCD features


1. High precision welding: The external CCD camera on the jewelry laser welding machine ensures that you can achieve precise and accurate welding results. The camera allows you to see the welding area up close, so you can make adjustments as needed to achieve the perfect weld.


2. Easy operation: The external CCD camera makes it easy to operate the jewelry laser welding machine, even for beginners. You can monitor the welding process in real time on the screen, making it easy to control the welding parameters and ensure a successful weld.


3. Increased efficiency: The external CCD camera on the jewelry laser welding machine improves efficiency by allowing you to easily see and target the welding area. This helps you work faster and more accurately, reducing the time it takes to complete your jewelry projects.


4. Versatility: The external CCD camera can be used on a wide range of jewelry materials, including gold, silver, platinum, and more. This makes the jewelry laser welding machine a versatile tool for any jewelry maker or repair technician.


5. Reliable performance: The jewelry laser welding machine with external CCD camera features a high-quality camera that provides clear and crisp images of the welding area. This ensures that you can achieve consistent and reliable welding results every time you use the machine.


3、DH LASER jewelry laser welding machine is used in gold and silver jewelry, dentures, and watches


It is a high precision and high efficiency machine that is specially designed for welding delicate and intricate parts of jewelry. The machine uses a laser beam to weld small and precise areas without damaging the surrounding material. This makes it ideal for repairing jewelry, creating custom designs, and welding tiny components together with accuracy.


The DH LASER jewelry laser welding machine is also commonly used in dentistry for repairing dentures and dental appliances. The precise welding capabilities of the machine allow for seamless repairs of dental prosthetics without compromising the integrity of the material.


In addition, the machine is also used in the watchmaking industry for repairing and assembling watch components. The high precision welding provided by the DH LASER machine ensures that watch parts are securely joined together without affecting the aesthetics or functionality of the timepiece.


Overall, the DH LASER jewelry laser welding machine is a versatile and efficient tool that is essential for jewelry makers, dentists, and watchmakers who require high precision welding capabilities.


4、Advantages of DH LASER jewelry laser welding machine manufacturer


  1. 1.China Yuantou manufacturer has been producing various types of jewelry laser welding machines for 15 years.

2. We serve customers all over the world and customize different national languages for customers, which is convenient for more customers to use.

3. Now there are 100W 150W 200W produced and sold, with CCD built-in and external.

4. The company supplies from stock all the year round, and you can arrange delivery when the money arrives.

5.We promise 2-year warranty service, good quality and confidence in products.

6. The company has a professional after-sales service team and 24-hour online tracking service.

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