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April 01, 2024

1500W Air Coolder Laser Cleaning Machine Advantage

Laser cleaning machine is a new type of industrial surface cleaning technology, which is efficient, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, simple to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, easy to install, control and realize automation. The operation is simple, the surface treatment of the workpiece without chemical reagent, medium, dust and water can be carried out by turning on the power and opening the equipment; It has the advantages of manual focus adjustment, curved surface cleaning, high surface cleanliness, etc., and can remove resin, oil stain, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint and partial oxide layer on the surface of objects. Widely used in various industrial fields, as well as aerospace, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc., those that need surface cleaning can be treated by industrial laser cleaning machine.

industrial laser cleaning machine

DH LASER is committed to the research and development and production of industrial laser cleaning machine. The company has a professional technical research and development team and application technical engineers, who are familiar with the principle, characteristics and industrial application of laser cleaning machines and have many years of laser cleaning experience. The existing water-cooled continuous laser cleaning machines, air-cooled continuous laser cleaning machines and pulse laser cleaning machines are introduced as follows:

 laser cleaning machine

1. Air-cooled cooling mode

The conventional laser cleaning machine is water-cooled and heat-dissipated, which can be used normally only if it needs refrigeration and heat dissipation from a water cooler. The water quality of the water cooler needs to be filled with deionized water or distilled water, which has special requirements. It needs to be replaced once a month, which increases the workload of personnel. In winter, when the water temperature is too low or frozen, the laser will give an alarm, so it can't work, and it needs to be preheated or added with antifreeze, and the chiller will also have certain faults. However, the air-cooled laser cleaning machine has no water trouble, which reduces the work service of personnel and the probability of equipment failure.

design industrial laser cleaning machine

2. Cleaning system

The laser cleaning system software can control settings such as laser power, duty ratio, scanning width, scanning speed and scanning pattern. The host computer is controlled by 7-inch touch screen, freely switched in 10 languages, and the software and cleaning head are equipped with temperature monitoring. The maximum cleaning width is 300mm, and the cleaning focal length is F=700mm.

industrial laser cleaning machine manufacturer

3. Cleaning head

The laser cleaning head weighs 700g and is made of aluminum alloy. It is processed by a 5-axis CNC automatic machine tool. The precision is controlled by two wires. The internal links are sealed by sealing rings, which has achieved the best dustproof effect. The heat dissipation is two 5 mm air intake channels, which can ensure long-term continuous work. Hand-held mode, manipulator mode or automatic assembly line mode can be adopted, that is, the laser cleaning head has been fixed in different ways, and cleaning can be realized by external control mode and controlled in various ways. With switch and interlock protection function, it can prevent accidental situations such as accidental start-up.

4, cleaning benefits

The cleaning width of the laser cleaning machine is 1-300mm, and it can clean 10 square meters in one minute, which is 10 times that of the traditional manual polishing method. Moreover, the requirements for personnel are not high, so you can work at your post with simple training, without professional training, and you can pass various qualification examinations.

industrial laser cleaning machine cleaning benefits

5, less maintenance

Laser cleaning machine adopts integrated module design, which is basically maintenance-free and has zero consumable cost; Protective lenses are generally replaced once every 3 months, and washed with anhydrous alcohol once a week to keep the lenses clean. Clean up the machine dust in 6 months to maintain good heat dissipation.

industrial laser cleaning machine facotry

6. Save costs

The laser cleaning machine does not need any cleaning reagent, so there is no cost of consumables; Electrical power consumption is about 4KW, and the cost of electricity is 4 kWh per hour. The water-cooled laser cleaning machine needs 7KW electrical power consumption. The requirements for personnel are not high, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. With a little training, you can work at your post without special technical operators.

industrial laser cleaning machine save cost

7. Volume and weight

The air-cooled laser cleaning machine weighs 50KG, which can be easily moved by an adult. The machine is equipped with four universal casters, which is convenient and labor-saving. The overall size is 600*400*500mm, and it can also be put into the trunk of a car.

laser cleaning machine volume and weight

8. You can use a plug.

The power consumption of air-cooled laser cleaning machine is low, and it can be powered by plug. According to the plug standards of different countries, it is equipped with European standard, American standard, British standard, etc., which can be used in indoor and outdoor occasions, both civil power supply and industrial power supply. The water-cooled laser cleaning machine needs air and industrial electricity to work normally.

industrial laser cleaning machine factory

Air-cooled laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning. It is a new technology based on the interaction effect between laser and substance. Compared with traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid-solid strong impact cleaning and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, it has obvious advantages. It is efficient, fast, low-cost, compact and light, and can be used in many occasions, with little heat load and mechanical load on the substrate, and the cleaning is non-destructive; The waste can be recycled, without environmental pollutants, which is safe and reliable, and does not damage the health certificate of operators. It can remove various coatings with different thicknesses and different components. It is easy to realize automatic control and remote cleaning, which will benefit mankind and promote the development of manufacturing industry.

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