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how to install Note for the daily application of laser cleaning machine? | DH LASER

February 13, 2023

Laser cleaning machine has unique advantages, widely used in cars, ships, molds, metal products and daily life, laser cleaning machine has two continuous and pulse, power has 50W / 100W / 200W / 300W / 500W / 1000W / 2000W / 3000W, the majority of customers in daily use must standardize the operation, to ensure the personal safety of themselves and others, DH LASER laser cleaning machine technology application engineer summarized the following points, to the majority of customers friends parameters:

1, the laser cleaning machine must be reliable grounding protection.

2、Optical fiber wire can not bend radian greater than 60 degrees, can not be squeezed by external forces, beating, etc., so as not to cause damage to the optical fiber.

3、When the cleaning head is in use, it should be put gently placed, properly placed in a safe place to prevent falling and breaking.

4、When you need to clean, first check whether the cleaning head protection lid is removed, so as not to burn out the protective lens.

5、For laser cleaning, please wear laser protective glasses and take personal protective measures; the cleaning head must not be directed at the person or objects without need to avoid burns and damage and unnecessary safety accidents such as fire.

6 、After laser cleaning, do not immediately touch the cleaned objects, so as to avoid high temperature burns.

7、When the laser cleaning machine is not working, the system should be adjusted to the closed state or the equipment should be cut off to avoid accidents.

8、Please operate the laser cleaning machine according to the specifications, and do the periodic maintenance.


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