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Laser cleaning machine is applied in the new energy lithium battery industry

November 24, 2022

 The application of laser cleaning in the battery industry can be divided into: laser cleaning before pole sheet coating, laser cleaning before battery welding, and laser cleaning during battery pack installation.

 1、Laser cleaning before pole sheet coating

The positive and negative electrode sheet of lithium battery is made by coating the positive and negative electrode material of lithium battery on the metal thin strip. When the metal thin strip is coated with the electrode material, the metal thin band needs to be cleaned. The metal thin band is generally thin aluminum or copper thin. The original wet ethanol cleaning is easy to cause damage to other parts of the lithium battery. Laser cleaning machine can effectively solve the above problems.

 2、Laser cleaning before battery welding

Using pulse laser direct radiation to decontamination, so that the surface temperature increases and thermal expansion, thermal expansion makes the pollutant or substrate vibration, so that the pollutant can overcome the surface adsorption force from the substrate surface to achieve the purpose of removing the surface stains of the object. This way can effectively remove the dirt and dust on the end surface of the electric cell column, to prepare for the battery welding in advance, in order to reduce the welding of bad products.    

 3、Laser cleaning during the battery assembly process

In order to prevent lithium battery safety accidents, lithium battery cells, it is generally necessary to conduct external glue treatment, in order to play the role in the insulation, prevent short circuit and protect the line, prevent scratches. Laser cleaning of the insulation plate, the end plate, clean the cell surface dirty, coarsening of the cell surface, improve the adhesion of glue or glue, and after cleaning will not produce harmful pollutants, belongs to the environmental protection of the green cleaning method, which is more and more show its importance in the case of high attention to environmental protection.

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